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I created Opposite Picks 20 years ago.
I was talking on the radio about “phoney” looking lines and sure enough I realized those teams ended up covering. So, I started picking games that I thought for sure would cover. I realized I was posting a losing record despite all of the
“Absolute Winners.” It finally dawned on me that if I went “Opposite” of what I liked, I’d have a winning record…hence “Opposite Picks” were born.

I eventually turned my college picks into a radio segment. I pick 7 games, give reasons why I liked one team, then go Opposite. With that kind of thinking, I posted a winning record for the last 20 years. Sad, but True!

If you decide to follow my picks, great.
If you decide to follow the “Opposite Picks” approach with your own picks, you HAVE to be honest in which teams you really like. And you HAVE TO go opposite on ALL picks…no matter how hard that is. And yes, that it is very hard to do.