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The LA Dodgers will NOT win the World Series this year despite being the odds on favorite to win it all with the Boys in Vegas.  While their line up is 2nd to none, their pitching staff is flawed.

With Walker Buehler out for the year and Clayton Kershaw hampered with numerous injuries, they are stuck with Julio Urias, Tyler Anderson & Tony Gonsolin as their top three starters. That’s not exactly a Who’s Who of pitcher despite their success this
season.  In fact, you can make the case the Dodgers will have the worst top 3 pitchers on one team than the other NL playoff teams.

Now throw in closer Craig Kimbrel is no longer lights out and you have major issues at the back end of their bullpen.

Add it up and this team will be beat in the post season. The Mets,
Braves, Astros & Cardinals all have better chances to win it all than Los Angeles so do not bet on the Dodgers!


The LA Rams will NOT repeat as Super Bowl champs. Why not? I can give you plenty more reasons why they won’t repeat vs. why they will.

First, you can count on one hand how many teams have won back to back Super Bowls over the last 25 years. Much better teams than these Rams have tried and failed.

Two, the Rams have out dreaded multi million dollar, incentive
killing, motivation destroying, win at all cost eliminating contract extensions to the four most important people on the team.

They gave out extensions the head coach, star QB, super star WR and great defensive lineman. Without those four carrying the load, this team is doomed and will finish UNDER .500 this season.


That’s exactly what the Nets should tell disgruntled forward Kevin Durant who reportedly told the Nets to trade him or fire their General Manager Sean Marks and head coach Jason Kidd.

Nets don’t have to do anything except put Durant in the starting line up. Enough of coddling these superstar players who think they run the show. Durant has three more years left on his current contract.

Durant wants out…too bad. Dare we say it but, do as the Browns do. Tell him “No.”


I created Opposite Picks 20 years ago.
I was talking on the radio about “phoney” looking lines and sure enough I realized those teams ended up covering. So, I started picking games that I thought for sure would cover. I realized I was posting a losing record despite all of the
“Absolute Winners.” It finally dawned on me that if I went “Opposite” of what I liked, I’d have a winning record…hence “Opposite Picks” were born.

I eventually turned my college picks into a radio segment. I pick 7 games, give reasons why I liked one team, then go Opposite. With that kind of thinking, I posted a winning record for the last 20 years. Sad, but True!

If you decide to follow my picks, great.
If you decide to follow the “Opposite Picks” approach with your own picks, you HAVE to be honest in which teams you really like. And you HAVE TO go opposite on ALL picks…no matter how hard that is. And yes, that it is very hard to do.