$100 worth of OPicks merch courtesy of Daryl in Wisc ($60) and Joe in Spokane ($40). THANKS GUYS!!
* = World Series winning team – worth 2pts for each win

Atlanta* Philly-1 TBay Marc from NY
Atlanta* Minn-1 TBay Angelo
Atlanta* Philly-1 Miami Cool Blue 43
Atlanta** Philly-1 Toronto Big Ant
Atlanta* Philly-1 TBay steve in Aiken
Atlanta* Texas-1 TBay Mark in Ohio
Atlanta* Philly-1 TBay Scott in Jax
Atlanta* Texas-1 Ariz-1 John Reusscher
Atlanta* Minn-1 TBay WWW
Atlanta* Milw TBay John Campbell
Atlanta* Philly-1 TBay Kevin Knutson
Atlanta Milw** Toronto Dustin LI
Baltimore Milw** TBay-1 Charlie in Boston
Houston Milw* TBay=1 Daryl in Wisc
Baltimore* Texas-1 Ariz-1 AG in Arizona
Baltimore* Texas-1 Miami Gary/Josh Harmon
Baltimore* Philly-1 Toronto Gary GMan
Baltimore* Minn-1 Miami Trucker Tim
Baltimore* Philly-1 Toronto Paulo C
Dodgers* Philly-1 TBay Eric in SyCuse
Dodgers* Philly-1 Toronto Wade in Idaho
Dodgers* Texas-1 Toronto -Jeff (NY)
Dodgers* Texas-1 Toronto – Billy in NY
Houston* Milw TBay David in Michigan
Houston* Philly-1 Ariz-1 Todd in Houston
Houston* Philly-1 TBay Dom in ER
Houston* Philly-1 TBay Chad in Denver
Houston* Philly-1 TBay Jeff C. in LA
Baltimore Philly*-2 TBay Dave in Calgary
Astros Philly*-2 TBRay Ken in SD
Baltimore Philly*-2 Texas-1 Jerry Andrews***Leader
Houston Philly*-2 Tampa Tosha
Atlanta Minn-1 Tampa* Inspector Gray
$135 worth of Opposite Picks merch to the person who has the most wins at the end of Week #4 (Oct. 3rd)
Pick ONE team from each group. Ties = Loses All courtesy of Jason in Vegas & Scott in Jax.
Tiebreaker: Point Differential of your Four teams
GROUP 1: Kansas City, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco
GROUP 2: NY Jets, LA Chargers, Jacksonville, Cleveland, NY Giants, New Orleans, Detroit, Denver
GROUP 3: Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Atlanta, Seattle, New England, Green Bay
GROUP 4: Houston, LV Raiders, Chicago, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Indianapolis
Thru Week 4
8—Balt-3 Saints-2 Seatt-3 Chicago-0 — Billy from NY
7—Balt-3 Saints-2 GBay-2 Carolina-0 — John Reuscher
7—Balt-3 Jville-2 PITT-2 Chicago-0 — Adam Lee
6—Balt-3 LAC-2 GBay-2 Carolina-0 — Daryl in Wisc
6—Balt-3 LAC-2 PATS-1 Raiders-1 — GigsandGears
11–Buff-3 Saints-2 Seatt-3 TBay-3 – Jeff (NY)
6—Buff-3 Giants-1 PATS-1` Indy-2 — Eric Gantley
6—Buff-3 Jville-1 Seatt-3 Chicago-0 — Ken in SD
7—Cinc-1 Detroit-3 PITT-2 Raiders-1 — Rafi Tickets
7—Cinc-1 Jville-2 TENN-2 Houston-2 — Jerry Andrews
5—Cinc-1 Jets-1 Seatt-3 Chicago-0 — Art Bruno
5—Cinc-1 LAC-2 PITT-2 Chicago-0 — WWW
5—Cinc-1 Jville-2 MINN-1 Raiders-1 — Marty NC
9—Dallas-3 Detr-3 PITT-2 Raiders-1 — David in Michigan.
8—Dallas-3 Clev-2 PATS-1 Indy-2 — Charlie in Boston
10–KC-3 LAC-2 PITT-2 TBAY-3 — Gary Harmon
8—KC-3 Jets-1 Seatt-3 Raiders-1 — Dollar Bob
8—KC-3 JVille-2 PITT-2 Raiders-1 Joe in Spokane
8—KC-3 Detroit-3 PITT-2 Chicago-0 — Big Ant
7—KC-3 Saints-2 PITT-2 Carolina-0 — Mark in Ohio
7—KC-3 Clev-2 PITT-2 Carolina-0 — Dom in ER
7—KC-3 Jville-2 PITT-2 Chicago-0 — Vinny T
6—KC-3 Jets-1 PITT-2 Carolina-0 — Linda H.
6—KC-3 Jets-1 PATS-1 Raiders-1 — Steve Carr
6—KC-3 LAC-2 MINN-1 Chicago-0 — Steve in Aiken
5—KC-3 Giants-1 PATS-1 Chicago-0 — Dustin on LI
11–Philly-4 Saints-2 Seatt-3 Indy-2 — Hoosier Joe****WINNER
10–Philly-4 Jville-2 Minn-1 TBay-3 — Rick Mahoney.
9—Philly-4 JVille-2 WASH-2 Raiders-1 — TK in FL
9—Philly-4 Saints-2 Seatt-3 Chicago-0 — Wade in Idaho
9—Philly-4 LAC-2 PITT-2 RAIDERS-1 — mickey martin
8—Philly-4 Jville-2 Atl-2 Chi-0 — Denis in PA
9—Philly-4 Jville-2 Tenn-2 Hated Raiders-1 — Chad in Denver
9—Philly-4 Jville-2 Seatt-3 Chicago-0 — John Campbell
9—Philly-4 Jville-2 Seatt-3 Chi-0 — Coach Nick F.
8—Philly-4 Jville-2 PITT-2 Chicago-0 — Scott in Jax
8—Philly-4 Jville-2 MINN-1 Raiders-1 — Dave in Calgary
7—Philly-4 Giants-1 Tenn-2 Carolina-0 — Paulo
7—Philly-4 Denver-1 PATS-1 Raiders-1 — Half Time Libby
10—San Fran-4 LAC-2 Seatt-3 Raiders-1 — Kevin Knutson
8—San Fran-4 Saints-2 Atla-2 Caroline-0 — Marc from LI
8—San Fran-4 Jville-2 PITT-2 Chicago-0 —- Angelo Sant A.
8—San Fran-4 Detroit-2 MINN-1 Raiders-1 — Mick from MN

$100 worth of OPicks merch courtesy of Trucker Tim in Minnesota to the person who correctly/comes closest to picking when Miami QB Tua Tags leaves the game due to an injury and does not return that game.
10/15 vs. Carolina 1st Qtr — Mikey in Sc
10/15 vs. Carolina 2nd Qtr — Dr. George
10/22 vs. Philly 1st Qtr — Mr. Tiznow
10/22 vs. Philly 2nd qtr — Scott J. Russell
10/22 vs. Philly 2nd Qtr — Marc on LI
10/22 vs. Philly 3rd Qtr — Trucker Tim
10/22 vs. Philly 3rd Qtr — Dave in Calgary
10/22 vs. Philly 3rd Qtr — Inspector Gray
10/22 vs. Philly 3rd Qtr — Mick in MN
10/22 vs. Philly 4th Qtr – Mick in IL
10/29 vs. New England 2nd Qtr — John Campbell
11/5 vs KC 2nd Qtr — Marc Newman
11/19 vs. LV Raiders 2nd Qtr — Billy in NY
11/24 vs. NY Jets 1st Qtr– Gordo
11/24 @ NY Jets 2nd Qtr — John R.
11/24 @ NJ Jets 3rd Qtr — Kevin Knutson
12/11 vs. Tennessee 3rd Qtr — Daryl in Wisky
12/17 vs. NY Jets 2nd Qtr — Tosha
12/24 vs. Dallas 2nd Qtr — TK in Florida
12/31 vs. Baltimore 3rd Qtr – Adam Lee
01/07 vs Buffalo 4th Qtr — Angelo S.
AFC Wildcard Weekend 2 Qtr. — Charlie in Boston
OCTOBER DOW JONES CONTEST courtesy of LL John in Indy.
$100 OPicks Merch PLUS FREE MONTH of the Podcast to the winner! Thanks John for ADDING to the already generous pot.
31,578 Wade in Idaho
31,853 Big Ant
32,000 Billy in NY
32,501 Daryl in Wisky
32,585 WWW
32,628 Mark in Ohio
32,666 Kevin Knutson
32,678 Chad in Denver
32,722 Eric G Syracuse
32,729 LL John from Indy*
32,765 DollarBob
32,777 Dom in ER
33,777!! Marty NC
32,847 Scott in jax
32,947 Jeff K.
32,971 Dave in Michigan
33,000 Tosha
33,050 Angelo
33,200 AG in Arizona
33,419 John Reuscher
33,433 Cool Blue 43
33,619 BB Rockland
33,624 Steve in Aiken
33,833 Gary Gman
33,834 Ken in SD
33,842 tiznow2000
33,948 John Campbell
34,017 Inspector Gray
34,120 Trucker Tim
34,319 Paulo C.
34,388 Jeff in NY
34,617 Charlie in Boston
34,555 Todd in Houston
34.567 Jeff C. in LA
34,598 Alan M.
34,770 Halftime Libby
34,773 Dave in Calgary
34,850 Joe in Spokane
35,000 Mikey in SC
35,123 Gary/Josh
35,222 Marc from NY
35,807 Dustin on LI
Win a “FREE Podcast Only Pool” and get 10pts—-2nd Place = 5pts—-3rd Place = 2pts
Who ever has the most points at the end of the year gets the podcast for 2024 FREE!
John Campbell 47.5pts (NHL-Feb,Masters-2nd,Talledega,NBA-1st,Mega-1st, MLB T3rd July)
Scott in Jax -35.66pts (MLB-May1st,June-1st,Aug,HikingT1st)
Ken in SD: 31pts (Masters/KD-3rd/Indy500-1st)
Eric G Syra 26.5pts (NHL March-3rd, MLB-June 3rd, DowJune-1st,A’s-1st)
Daryl Wisky-23.66pts (KD-3rd, PGA-1st, Indy 500 3rd,Hiking-T1st,A’s-2nd)
Todd Lorber. 21pts (Dow-April, Hiking #1-2nd, KD-2nd, MLB/July T-3rd))
Chad in Denver–20pts (MLB July-1st, Hiking/Mileage-2nd,NHL-2nd)
Mark in Ohio 15.5pts (NHL March-2nd,MLB May-3rd/Aug-2nd)
Charlie in Boston 15pts (Dow-Feb, PGA-2nd)
Dustin LI – 15pts (Talledega-2nd/KD-1st)
Paulo 15pts (NBA-2nd)
Rafi Tickets- 13pts (NHL-1st/British-3rd)
John Reuscher 12pts (A’s-3rd)
Marty n NC 12pts (MLB-May2nd)
Billy in NY 12pts (Hikng Miles1st)
AG in Arizona 10pts (NHL-March)
Denis in PA 10pts (Dow-Jan)
Alan 10pts (Dow Spet-1st)
Jim Sutton 10pts (Dow-July)
Jerry Andrews: 10pts (British-1st)
Linda H. 10pts (NHL-Jan)
Rob Snyder 10pts (MLB-April)
William Waidelich 10pts (Dow-March)
Dave B. in Mich: 10pts
Trucker Tim–10pts (Hiking Pool-Mileage-1st)
Tk in FL 10pts (Dow-Apr-2nd/MLBApril-3rd, PGA-3rd)
AK in FL 10pts (Dow-Aug-1st)
Dave in Calgary–10pts (Hiking–1st)
Gordo 10pts (MLB June-2nd/Dow Agu-2nd)
Hoosier Joe 10pts (Hiking Miles-2nd)
Jason in Vegas–8pts (MLB-April-2nd/KD-3rd, NHL-3rd)
Paul in Charl.–7.66pts (Hiking–3rd/Mileage-3rd/Mega-2nd)
John in Indy 7pts (Hiking miles-3rd)
Big Ant–7pts (July/Dow-3rd, MLB 2nd/July, Dow-3rd Sept)
Dom 5.66 (Hiking-T1st)
Wade in Idaho–5pts (2nd July/Dow)
Neil in Vanc–5pts (British-2nd)
John Campbell 5pts
Kevin Knutson 5pts
Mr. Juicy 5pts
Joe in Spokane–5pts (Indy500-2nd)
Sureshot21- 5pts (Dow April-3rd)
Anthony Lenti 5pts (MLB Aug-2nd)
Adam Lee 5pts (MLB Aug-2nd)
Dollar Bob 5pts (Sept/Dow-2nd)
Jeff Cohen. 4.5pt
AnthonyBM 2.66pts (Hiking-3rd)
Dave in Mich. 2.16pts (Hiking-3rd)
Colby P. 2pts (Masters-3rd)
Mick in MN 3pts
Dom in ER 5.5pts (NBA-3rd/Dow Aug-T3rd)
Mike in SC 2pts (Talledega-3rd)
Paul Charl 1.5pts
Art Bruno 1.5pts (Dow Aug T3rd)
GigandGears 1pt
Jan: 34,086 Denis in Penn
Feb: 32,656 Charlie in Boston
Mar: 33,274 William Waidelich
May: 32,908 Mikey from SC
June: 34,407 Eric G Syracuse
July: 35,612 Jim Sutton
Aug: 34,721.91/34,699 AK in Florida
Sept: 33,555.29 Alan***WINNER(-48) 33,444 Dollar Bob (-63–2nd) 33,411 Big Ant (-96–3rd)
April: Rob Snyder: (76) 2nd: Jason Mc. 3rd: TK in FLA
May: 65–Scott in Jax 2nd: Marty NC 3rd: Mark in Ohio )
June: 63–Scott in Jax, 62–Gordo, 60-Eric G.
July: 59–Chad in Denver 2nd: Big Ant
Aug: 75 Scott in Jax 2nd: Anthony L, Mark in Ohio, Adam Lee(73)
NHL PLAYOFF POOL…$150 Trucker Tim
132–5-Bost(15) 4-VEGAS(80)—-3-DALLAS(27)—2-COL(6)—1-TOR(5) -Rafi Tickets—WINNER!!
121–5-Bost(15) 4-VEGAS(80)—-3-NJ(15) 2-COL(6)—1-TOR(5) -Chad in Denver-2nd
113–5-EDMON(25)–4-BOST(12)—–3-VEGAS(60)—-2-NYR(6)—1-DALL(10) -Jason in Vegas-3rd
NBA Playoffs $150 Ken in SD & Dave in Calgary
170—-5-DENV(100) – 4-GST(24) -3-BOS(33)–2-PHX(12) —1-MILW(1)—John Campbell******WINNER
140—-5-BOST(55)–4-MILW(4)–3-DENV(60)-2-PHILLY(14)-1-GST(6) —Paulo–2nd place
131—-5-BOST(55)–4-PHO(24)–3-GST(18)–2-PHILLY(14)-1-DENV(20)–Dom in ER — 3rd place
INDIANAPOLIS 500 Pool $100–Mickey Martin
44—Ken in San Diego***WINNER 49—Joe in Spokane 49—Daryl in Wisky
PGA Golf Championship $150 –Todd in Houston
+10—Koepka-9 JThomas+12 Spieth+5 Matsuyama+5 DeChambeau-3 — Daryl in Wisky—WINNER***
+13—Scheffler-7 Hovland-7 Spieth+5 Hatton+1 Simpson+21 — Charlie in Boston – 2nd
+15—Scheffler-7 DJ+9 Homa+9 Fleetwood+2 Reed+2 — TK in FLA – 3rd place via Tie breaker
BRITISH OPEN $150…courtesy of Wade in Idaho
-18…Rahm-7 Hovland-3 Hatton-1 Homa-4 Matsuyama-3 — Jerry Andrews = WINNER***
-11…McIIroy-6 Fleetwood-4 Fitzpatrick+2 Connors+4 Rahm-7 — Neil in Vanc. = 2nd PLACE**
-10…Rahm-7 Fleetwood-4 Morikawa+14 Day-7 Mcllroy-6 — Rafi Agalar–3rd place
500 NASCAR @ Talladega $100 Steve in Aiken.
John Campbell***WINNER
Dustin LI–2nd place
Mike in SC—3rd Place
MASTERS POOL $125 Steve in Aiken/ Hoosier Joe.
Ken in SD = WINNER – John Campbell (2nd) -Colby P. (3rd)
DOC GEORGE HIKING POOL #2> $100 Gas Gift Card
HIKE FINISH: April 9, 2023 MILES DRIVEN: 4,663 (4,675—Trucker Tim****WINNER!)
4,523—Chad in Denver (2nd Place–5pts)
4,675—Trucker Tim*****WINNER! (10pts)
4,850—Paul in Char. (3rd Place-2pts)
Dr. George HIKING POOL #1
APRIL: 2 … (Todd L.) 2nd place
APRIL 10…WINNER: **Dave in Calgary**
APRIL 15 Tie for 3rd place (AnthonyBM, Dave in Mich, RocklandBB)
$100 OPicks merch + $100 Gas Gift Card courtesy of Doc George
WINNER:Sept. 1st Sept. 5th Sept. 5th
Sept 1 Dom in ER Sept. 5 Daryl in Wisky & Scott in Jax (5.66pts each)
3,300 John in Indy – 3rd place 2pts
3,384 Hoosier Joe – 2nd place 5pts
3,500 Billy in NY***WINNER 10pts
WINNER: FEB. John Campbell
WINNER: Dustin LI—8pts
SECOND: Todd L—7pts
THIRD: Daryl in Wisc, Ken in SD, Jason in Vegas—3pts
MEGA MONSTER PODCAST POOL–Courtesy of Joe in Spokane!
$350 of O-Picks merch to the winner
$150 of O-Picks merch to the runner up
Paul from Charlottesville—2nd PLACE

OAKLAND A’s ATTENDANCE POOL—3,095 lowest attendance
3,115 Eric G. in Cuse****WINNER (-20)>
3,489 Daryl, Wisconsin – 2nd place (-394)
2,700 John Reuscher—3rd place (-395)

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