DOW JONES CONTEST courtesy of John in Indy!! $100 worth of OPicks merch to the winner
JULY: 32,845.13 (32,867.53…Dustin LI
AUGUST: 31,510.43 (31,491)…Big Ant
SEPTEMBER: 28,725.51..(28,650) Wade Idaho
22,100…Fidel P.
25,900 Mick in MN
26,093…..Big Ant
26,350….Wade in Idaho
26, 452……Denis in PA
26,750. Marty in NC
26,888 …AK in FL
27,218…AG in Arizona
27,223—Rafi Tickets
27,245….Kevin Knutson
27,525…Dave Brown
27,777..Dom in ER
28,150…Trucker Tim.
28,352…Paul in Charlottesville
28,465…Silent Ben
28,500….James Ashmore
28,500….TK in FL
28,551…Scott in Jax
28,669…Jared in Houston
28,737….Dave in Calgary
28,999…Big Ant
29,622…Steve in Aiken
29,701….Paulo C.
29,725….Mark88 in NY
29,969….JET from Texas
29,971….John Campbell
29,997….Dusty in Knoxville
30,000…Mike in SC
30,101…Todd L.
30,123….Jeff Kam.
30,123…Jeff Cohen
30,0023.23…Steve in Utah
30,200…Mick in IL
30,333…Chad F.
30,419…John Reuscher
30,446…Half-Time Libby
30,450……Martin S in St. Louis
30,502….Jeff H
30,554….Charles in WV
30,617 Charles in MA
30,725.61…Joe in Spokane
30,755…Ken in SD
32,129…..L. L. John from Indy.
32,412…. Daryl, Wisconsin
32,777..Dustin on LI
32,900…Neil in Vanc.
33,000….Bill in NY
33,333.33…Alan Mitchell

*1. Kurt E.
*2. Steve C.
*3. Vinny C.
*4. Jeff C.
*5. Coach Nick F.
*6. Hoosier Joe H.
*7. Peter K.
*8. Kevin K.
*9. Marc 88 L.
*10. Jason M.
*11. Coach Keith M.
*12. Ben P.
*13. Wayne V.
*14. Wade S.
*15. Silent Ben
*16. Me
Super Bowl Winner $500
Super Bowl Loser $200
Weekly (1-14) highest scoring team: $50
Regular Season champ–#1 seed after tiebreakers: $100
Regular Season most points: $100
Total = $1600
Wk #1: KC Burnt/Wayne V.
Wk #2: Mr. Vegas
Wk #3: Jason M.
Wk #4: Va Beach Watermelons/Steve C.
NFL PODCAST SEPT/OCT Pool….Thru week #4
$100 worth of O-Picks merch to the person who’s group
of teams wins the most games thru Oct. courtesy of LL Paul K.**
Tie Breaker: Point differential for your 5 teams
Alan Mitchell: (13) Buffalo-3 Phily-4 Minny-3 Wash-1 Jags-2
Billy in NY: (13) Buffalo-3, Philly-4, Minny-3, Wash-1, Jags-2
Neil in Vanc: (12) Buffalo-3 Tenn-2 Minn-3 Cleveland-2 Seattle-2
Luis Augusta: (11) Buffalo-3 Tenn-2 San Fran-2 Browns-2 Bears-2
Steve Fenster: (11) Buffalo-3, Balt-2 Minn-3, Carolina-1 Atlanta-2
Steve Carr: (11) Green Bay-3, Balt-2, San Fran-2, Browns-2, Jets-2
PAUL C.: (11) Buffalo-3, Balt-2 Indy-1 Giants-3 Chicago-2
John Ohio/NC: (11) Buffalo-3, Denver-2 Minn-3 Pitts-1 Atlanta-2
Duane Martin: (11) GB-3 Philly-4 Indy-1 Pitt-1 Atlanta-2
Marc in NY: (11) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 San Fran-2 Cleveland-2 J’ville-2
SCOTT in JAX: (11) Buffalo-3 Philly-4 Indy-1 Carolina-1 J’ville-2
Big Ant: (11) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 Raiders-1 Giants-3 Jags-2
Vinny T.: (11) Buffalo-3 Arizona-2 Minny-3 Pittsburgh-1 NY Jets-2
JEFF HOCHSTEIN: (11) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 Minny-3 Pittsburgh-1 Atlanta-2
Hoosier Joe: (10) Buffalo-3 Denver-2 Indy-1 Browns-2 J’ville-2
TONI PATS BITCH: (10) LA RAMS-2 Chargers-2 Miami-3 Carolina-1 J’ville-2
Todd Lorber: (10) KC-3 Tenn-1 Minn-3 Wash-1 Atl-2
Mick in MN: (10) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 Minn-3 Pitts-1 Detroit-1
Dave in Calgary: (9) Buffalo-3 Cinc-2 LVegas-1 Pitts-1 J’ville-2
DOM in ER: (9) Buffalo-3 Tenn-1 San Fran-2 Carolina-1 Seattle-2
CHARLES CASS.: (9) Green Bay-3 Chargers-2 New England-1 Carolina-1 Seattle-2
ERIC in SYRAC: (9) Buffalo-3 Cinc-2 New England-1 Pitts-1 Atlanta-2
Anthony BM: (9) Buffalo-3, Balt-2 New Orleans-1 Pitts-1 Chicago-2
Half-Time Libby: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2 New Orleans-1 Wash-1 Seattle-2
Ray Mald: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2, Indy-1, Washington-1, Seattle-2
Jeff Cohen: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2 Indy-1 Carolina-1 Atlanta-2
Shuba: (9) Buffalo-3 Cinn-2 Indy-1 Carolina-1 Chicago-2
Pat Fisher: (9) Buffalo-3, Baltimore-2, Las Vegas-1, Pittsburgh-1, J’ville-2
JOE IN SPOKANE: (10) KC-3 LAC-2 SF-2 Carolina-1 JAX-2
Dustin on LI: (9) LA Rams-2, Balt-2 LVegas-1 Giants-2 Atlanta-2
John Reuscher: (9) Green Bay-3 Balt-2 Indy-1, Carolina-1, J’ville-2
Coach Nick F.: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2 Minn-3 Carolina-1 Texans-0
Paul Kamke: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2 Indy-1 Carolina-1 Jets-2
TK in Florida: (9) Buffalo-3 Balt-2 LV-1 Pitt-1 Atlanta-2
Jason McLeod: (9) Buffalo-3, Chargers-2 Indy-1 Pittsburgh-1 Atlanta-2
GIGSANDGEARS: (9) Buffalo-3 Cincinnati-2 New England-1 Pitts-1 Atlanta-2
DAVE BROWN: (9) Green Bay-3 Cinc-2 LVegas-1 Pittsburgh-1 Chicago-2
Ken in SD: (9) Dallas-3, Cinc-2, Indy-1, Washington-1, NY Jets-2
Rafi Tickets: (9) Buffalo-3 Cinc-2 LVegas-1 Pitts-1 ATL-2
Denis in PA: (9) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 Las Vegas-1 Pittsburgh-1 Atlanta-2
Marty in NC: (8) Rams-2 Bengals-2 Patriots-1 Lions-1 Jax-2
William Waid: (8) Green Bay-3 Balt-1 Indy-1 Carolina-1, Atlanta-2
Boston Rob: (8) Buffalo-3 Cinc-2 LVegas-1 Pitts-0 J’ville-2
Dollar Bob: (8) Buffalo-3 Chargers-2 LVegas-1 Wash-1 J’ville-2
Mr. Vegas..(9)
Buffalo-3 Cincy-2 Las Vegas-1 Pittsburgh-1 Atlanta-2

NHL POOL…Teams drawn later this week
$120 worth of Opposite Picks Merch courtesy of Trucker Tim ($100) and Big Ant ($20 left
over from winning Sept/Dow). Person who’s group of teams has the most points in October.
Each person gets ONE team drawn out of a hat from each of the 4 categories.
Colorado, Florida, Carolina, Toronto, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers
St. Louis, Boston, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Washington, LA, Dallas, Nashville
Vegas, Vancouver, Winnipeg, NY Islanders, Columbus, San Jose, Anaheim, Buffalo
Detroit, Ottawa, Chicago, NJ, Philadelphia, Seattle, Arizona, Montreal
William Waid
JET from Texas
Silent Ben
Hoosier Joe
Dollar Bob
Big Ant
Trucker Tim
Mickey Martin
Linda H.
Mark88 in NY
Charles in MA
Wade in ID
John Campbell
AK in Florida
Half Time Libby
Mark in Ohio
Mr. Juicy
Jason M. in LV
John in Indy
Ken in SD
Eric Gantley
Kevin in Aiken
Steve in Aiken
Mikey in Aiken
Allen Mitchell
Marty in NC
Joe in Spokane
Dustin LI
Kevin Knutson
Neil in Vanc
Dave in Calgary
Scott in Jax
AG in Arizona
James Ashmore
Todd L.
Jeff C.
Mick in IL
Dom in ER
Paulo C.
Tim in Pittsburgh
Billy in NY

$100 worth of O-Picks merch courtesty of Shuba to the winner
Most correct guesses. TB: Best over/under record pertaining to
his selections. Ie: Pick an OVER 4 and the team wins 7 you get +3.

Coach Nick F.:
Arizona-O Cal-O Houston-U Maryland-O Texas Tech-O
AG in Arizona
Baylor-O, Arkansas-O, Utah St.-O Boise St.–O Texas-U
Marc Ny
Alabama—O, Maryland-U Arizona St-U Wisc-O Ohio St.–O
Marty in NC:
Kansas-O, Kansas St-O, Texas-O, Tx Tech-O, Florida-Oy
Iowa-O Iowa St-O Mich St.-O Minn-O Notre Dame-O
Cinc 9.5-U Utep 5.5-O Arizona 3.5-O Duke-3.5-O Stanford 5.5-O
Army-U Syra-U Baylor-U Duke-O Miami-U
Utah St O-7 Texas U-8.5 Tenn-U-7.5 Florida-U-7.5 Ole Miss-O-7.5
Mich-O Rutgers-U Ohio St-O Ga-U Auburn – Under
Nc St-O, USC-U, Virginia-U, Wisc-O, Ariz ST-U
Az St.-O 6.5 Florida-O-7.5 Penn St-O 8.5 Pitt-O8.5 Wisc-O 8
Houston-U, Duke-O, Mary-U, Florida-U, Ole miss-O
Indiana-U-4.5 Purdue-O-7.5 Minn-O 7.5 Texas–U-8.5 Notre Dame-O- 8.5
Tenn-U7.5 Alab-O 10.5 Purdue–U 7.5 Ohio St-O 10.5 Arkansas-O-7.5
Billy in NY
Bama—O, Arizona-U, UTEP-U, USC-O, UCLA-O
Neb-O, Rutgers-O, ND-U, Mich-O, Oklahoma-U
Bama-O 10.5 Houston O 9.5 Nebraska O 7.5 Texas O 8.5 Kansas O 2.5
BC O 6.5 Ark O 7.5 Michigan U 9.5 C. Carolina O 8.5 Texas A&M O 8.5
Alabama O 10.5 Georgia O 10.5 Miami O 8.5 FSU U 6.5 Michigan U 9.5
DOM in ER:
Boise St-O, Florida-O, Ohio St-O, Oklahoma-O, Mich St-O
Alan Mitchell
Louisville O6.5, Miami U 8.5 ND. U-8.5 Purdue U- 7.5, IU U-4.5
Dave in Calgary
Mich: Over Oregon: Over Tx A&M: Over Notre Dame: Over Georgia: Over
Clem 10.5–U Kentucky 8.5-O Mich 9.5–U Okla 9.5-O TX A&M 8.5-O
Luis from Augusta
Clemson-O Georgia-O Alabama-O Mich-O Texas-U
Steve Fenster.
Clemson-U Notre Dame-O WVA-O Indiana-O Colorado-O
Duane/Mickey Martin
Air F-O Tx Tk-U GT-U Arizona-U LSU-O
Jason McLeod
USC-U 9.5 Pitts-U8.5 Wash St-O 5.5 Iowa-O-7.5 Louisiana-U 8.5
Big Ant:
Tenn-O 7.5 C. Carolina O-8.5 Mich U-9.5 UCLA U-8.5 Syra-U 5
Ray Mald:
Utah–O 9, C.Carolina–U8.5, Penn St-U8.5, Arizona-O 3.5, N. Carolina-U 7.5
Air Force 8.5 Alabama 10.5 Arizona 3.5 Arizona State 6.5 Arkansas 7.5 Army 8.5 Auburn 6.5
Baylor 7.5 Boise State 9.5 Boston College 6.5 BYU 8.5
California 5.5 Cincinnati 9.5 Clemson 10.5 Coastal Carolina 8.5 Colorado 3.5
Duke 3.5 Florida 7.5 FSU 6.5 Georgia 10.5 Ga Tech 3.5
Houston 9.5 Illinois 4.5 Indiana 4.5 Iowa 7.5 Iowa State 6.5
Kansas 2.5 Kansas State 6.5 Kentucky 8.5 Louisiana 8.5 Louisville 6.5 LSU 7
Marshall 7 Maryland 6 Memphis 7.5 Miami 8.5 Michigan 9.5 Michigan St 7.5 Minnesota 7.5 Miss St 6.5 Missouri 5.5
Navy 4.5 NC State 8.5 Nebraska 7.5 North Carolina 7.5
Northwestern 4 Notre Dame 8.5 Ohio State 10.5 Oklahoma 9.5 Okla St 8.5 Ole Miss 7.5 Oregon 8.5 Oregon St 6.5
Penn State 8.5 Pittsburgh 8.5 Purdue 7.5 Rutgers 4.5 South Carolina 6 Stanford 4.5 Syracuse 5
Tennessee 7.5 Texas 8.5 Tx A&M 8.5 Texas Tech 5.5
UCLA 8.5 USC 9.5 Utah 9 Utah St 7 UTEP 5.5 UTSA 8.5 Vanderbilt 2.5 Virginia 7 Va Tech 6.5
Washington 7.5 Wash St 5.5 WVA 5.5 Wisc. 8

Dr. George HIKING POOL…..$200 O-Picks merch to the person picking when Doc George will finish hiking the App Trail
courtesy of Doc George & Marty from NC. THANKS GUYS!!
$150 Merch to the winner
$50 Merch to the runner up

UPDATE: 109 miles left.
March 29—Dennis Plude
April 1—-TK in FL
April 18—BB
April 19—Big Ant
April 22—Rafi Tickets
May 7——Gman/Gary S.
May 15—-Kevin Knutson
May 18—-Dustin in LI
July 4—-Mick MN
July 10—Gigsandgears
July 24—Billy in NY
Aug. 2—Red88/Marc
Aug. 4—Ken in SD
Aug. 7—Chad in Denver
Aug. 20—Hoosier Joe
Aug. 21—Dave Brown
Aug. 25—Joe in Spokane (eaten by a Bear)
Sept. 5—-Scott in Jax
Sept. 5—-John in Indy
Sept. 7–William Waid
Sept. 10—Fidel P.
Sept. 11—Jet in Texas
Sept. 11—Marty in NC
Sept. 17—Trucker Tim
Sept. 17—Jeff K. in Wash
Sept. 18–Steve in Aiken

Oct. 10—-
Oct. 16—-
Nov. 7—–
Nov. 12—-
Nov. 14—-
Nov. 20—-
Nov. 22—-
Nov. 25—-
Dec. 31—-

I left out the names so there are no issues about who wins.

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